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Concierge Medicine Specialist

Endocrine Associates of West Village PC

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If you’re tired of having problems seeing your doctor, or even contacting them, concierge medicine could be your answer. Anastasios Manessis, MD, FACE, ECNU, ABOM, and the team at Endocrine Associates of West Village PC offer this method of health care delivery to guarantee you unlimited 24/7 medical support and an end to rushed appointments. To find out more about the benefits of concierge medicine, call the offices in Long Island City, Astoria, & Murray Hill, New York, NY, today or schedule a consultation online.

Concierge Medicine Q & A

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is also known as boutique or membership medicine. It provides patients with superior, customized health care for a regular fee.

This model of medical care helps you forge a rewarding long-term relationship with your doctor at Endocrine Associates of West Village PC.

Providers who practice concierge medicine accept fewer patients than those who offer regular health care through insurance or direct payment. That means you can see your doctor more quickly, and spend more time with them during your visits.

What other benefits does concierge medicine offer?

If you’ve ever felt frustrated with long waits to get medical care, and then rushed through an appointment when you finally get one, you’ll appreciate some of the numerous benefits to joining a concierge medicine program. 

You receive personalized health care at a single location with a regular physician who knows you and is familiar with your medical history.

You’re also able to contact your doctor over the phone or by email around the clock, whenever you need medical advice or assistance. Concierge medicine members benefit from shorter wait times and same-day visits for all urgent health problems, as well as most routine consultations.

Your provider can also arrange to visit you at home or work, and offer secure telemedicine services.

What does concierge medicine include?

Your Endocrine Associates of West Village PC concierge medicine membership includes services such as:

  • Unlimited office visits
  • Lifestyle evaluations
  • Personal risk factor assessments
  • Physical examinations
  • Immunizations against flu and other diseases
  • High blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol screening
  • Selected cancer screenings

Concierge medicine delivers a holistic care package that looks at every aspect of your health rather than simply analyzing your current symptoms. It takes into account your wellness goals and helps improve your overall quality of life.

Not least, concierge medicine offers a more convenient and enjoyable method of optimizing your health and well-being.

Does concierge medicine cover medical treatments?

Concierge medicine focuses on your health care experience and easy accessibility for continuity of care. Should you need any treatments or more specialized tests, these would be an additional expense. Your provider at Endocrine Associates of West Village PC can advise you on precisely what your concierge medicine membership includes.

To find out more about the benefits of concierge medicine and how to join the program, call Endocrine Associates of West Village PC today or book an appointment online.