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Our Approach

Our priority at neXendo wellness is to provide a multifaceted approach to help you reach your health goals. We understand this can be a difficult journey, but with the support and resources we provide, we will make the transition into a healthy life as seamless as it can be. This journey must be a partnership because we need you in this process. With our expertise, and your dedication, you will be healthier than you have ever been. Start the journey to a healthier you by calling us today at 917-755-2007 oremailing us at

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Our Services

neXendo Medical Weight Loss Program

neXendo Fitness - Personal Training & Virtual Training

neXendo Nutrition Counseling

NeXendo Meal Replacements

neXendo Body Composition Analysis

neXendo Metabolic Rate Testing




Our Amenities

  • Physician Board Certified in Obesity Medicine
  • Dietitians specializing in weight management
  • In-office gym (Long Island City)
  • Personal trainers specializing in weight loss
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