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Gestational Diabetes & Pediatric Diabetes

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Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy puts many demands on the body as your baby grows. Controlling your diabetes becomes even more important, as poorly controlled diabetes can negatively impact your baby. Insulin needs for your body change drastically during this period, as your body becomes more resistant to it. Then, with even more rapid changes occur after birth and during the post-partum period.

At Endocrine Associate of West Village, P.C., we are here to help lessen the work of your diabetes care during this important time in your life. Utilizing the latest in diabetes technologies we can help monitor your glucose control remotely and provide you with frequent adjustments and support.

We will monitor you throughout your pregnancy and post-partum period.

Pediatric Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition affected by hormones & stress; two things that growing child, especially teen, deals with daily. Poor diabetes control can not only affect them in the long run, but it can also affect their day-to-day life. Children who have diabetes have a heavy and complex burden placed on them. A diagnosis can often be shocking to them and their parents, and can lead to questions including “Will my child be able to live a normal life?”

Our pediatric experts are here to help your child manage their diabetes, to lessen yours and their burdens with the help of the latest in diabetes technologies. With proper control and management, a child with diabetes can just be a kid again.

To find out more about our comprehensive Gestational Diabetes and Pediatric Diabetes programs, call Endocrine Associates of West Village PC today or book an appointment online.