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Diabetes Technologies

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Utilization of advanced diabetes technologies has been shown to improve patient quality of life, improve outcomes, and improve HbA1C. Here at Endocrine Associate of West Village, P.C., we are strong advocates for their use. The types of technologies & devices we utilize include:

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) – CGMs largely replace the need for multiple fingersticks a day. These are devices that are placed on your body, typically on the back of the arm, that provide continuous glucose measurements as quickly as every 5 minutes via a small filament sensor placed under the skin, & stay on the body for 10-14 days. You can view your data directly on your phone in real-time.

Insulin Pump Therapy – an insulin delivery system that replaces multiple daily injections. It’s composed of a pump that houses the insulin. A computer program delivers insulin automatically or by user need during the day.

Advances in technology have led to the develop of automated pump systems that use advanced algorithms to adjust insulin needs throughout the day based on data collected as well as real-time CGM input.

We have certified pump trainers on staff ready to help you discuss and learn about opportunities for pump therapy.

Automated Insulin Dosing Program – A specialized phone app, available by prescription, that helps you calculate your insulin dosage in real-time. It will help add or subtract units of insulin based on your current Blood Glucose readings. Trained staff call you every month to review your readings and provide support.

Chronic Care Management (CCM) - All diabetes devices allow connection to our clinical accounts. For those who need more adjustments for their medications & device settings, our staff to conduct monthly (4-6wks) care calls at no cost to you to review your data between in-person visits. This allows us to respond to changes in your life and health & optimize your diabetes care regime quicker.

To find out more about new solutions and technologies available to you, call Endocrine Associates of West Village PC today or book an appointment online.