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Hormonal Health

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Your endocrine system includes eight major glands, which produce the hormones that regulate your body’s functioning. When something interferes with your endocrine system, you can develop wide-ranging symptoms that can severely affect your well-being. At Endocrine Associates of West Village PC in Long Island City, Astoria, & Murray Hill, New York, NY, Anastasios Manessis, MD, FACE, ECNU, ABOM, and the team offer comprehensive hormone health testing and personalized treatments to restore your health. Call the practice today or schedule a consultation online if you have any signs of a hormonal health problem.

Hormonal Health Q & A

What are common hormonal health issues?

Hormones control nearly every aspect of your body function and well-being. As a result, there is a wide range of hormonal health issues that can interfere with your wellness. Some of the common problems include:

  • Low testosterone
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Pituitary gland dysfunction
  • Hypothalamus dysfunction
  • Adrenal disorders

Menopause is another cause of hormonal health issues. As you approach and reach menopause, your estrogen levels fluctuate and decline, which can cause several distressing symptoms. 

What are the signs of a hormonal health issue?

The signs of a hormonal health issue vary depending on the type of endocrine disorder. For example, if you have low testosterone, you may experience:

  • Muscle mass loss
  • Weight gain
  • Libido loss
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Depression

Many of these symptoms could be caused by other issues. For example, thyroid dysfunction can affect your weight, energy levels, sleep, and hair growth. Diabetes can cause increased thirst, hunger, urination, and blurry vision.

How are hormonal health issues diagnosed?

If you have any signs of a hormonal imbalance, it’s critical to make an appointment with the experts at Endocrine Associates of West Village PC. The symptoms of a hormonal health issue could have many potential causes. 

The team provides physical exams, extensive blood tests, and diagnostic ultrasounds to identify the condition causing your symptoms and gauge its severity. 

What are the available hormonal health treatments?

The Endocrine Associates of West Village PC team offers highly personalized treatment plans to restore your hormone health and overall wellness. Following your diagnosis, your provider may recommend:

Lifestyle adjustments

Often, adjusting your diet and adding exercise to your daily routine can help restore hormonal health. Being overweight or having nutritional deficiencies can interfere with your endocrine function. 

The endocrinologists, registered dietitians, and personal trainers at Endocrine Associates of West Village PC work with you to implement and maintain lifestyle changes to enhance your hormone health. 

Hormone therapy

In some cases, your body might not produce the hormones you need. For example, if you have low testosterone, your provider can prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to replenish your hormone stores. 


Some endocrine disorders cause hyperactivity, forcing your glands to overproduce hormones. In these cases, your provider can prescribe medicine to slow or stop hormone production. 

Endocrine procedures

In some situations, you may need a surgical procedure to remove an endocrine gland or a tumor that interferes with its function. For example, if you have a hyperactive thyroid, your provider could recommend a radioactive iodine treatment or surgery to remove part of your thyroid. 

If you have any concerns about your hormone health, call Endocrine Associates of West Village PC today or schedule an appointment online for expert diagnosis and treatment.